What’s It Like To Feed a Family on Food Stamps?


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Janet Harrah is a Senior Director, Center for Economic Analysis and Development at NKU.
Harrah is studying whether or not food stamps can provide adequately for a family and she, her husband and two children are living by that budget for a year. 
She's 6 months into the experiment. We asked her:
- Why do this?
- What does she eat in a typical day?
- Is the best deal always in line with the most unhealthy?
- How much time does she spend preparing her food now?
- What's been her biggest challenge? 
- What does her family think?
We also talk other NKY economic issues:
- Regionalism - is it good for NKY?
How is NKY doing? Campbell County doing against its regional competitors?
- How do we get NKU students to spend money in Fort Thomas?
- What does the 2020 jobs outlook look like?
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