The Reorganization of the Kentucky Democrats


Jason Steffen sits down with FTM Radio to talk about the reorganization of the Democratic Party, which takes place every four years. Steffen, a Fort Thomas resident, last ran for the Kentucky State Senate in 2014 against Republican, Wil Schroder. 

Steffen, who is part of the Campbell County Democrats Executive Committee, talks about:

- the process or selecting new party leadership in the Campbell County
- why the Democratic party in Kentucky has struggled 
- the strategy of the party going forward 
- the Matt Jones/Adam Edelen political group targeting Northern Kentucky and the Commonwealth 


The Kentucky Caucus From the Front Lines

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We talk about Kentucky's Caucus this year, from the eyes of the volunteers on the front line. 
Mark Collier, Sarah Cameron and David Cameron were caucus officials this year at Campbell County High School. Brian Sand was a representative for one of the candidate's campaigns. 

The caucus took place on March 5, 2016. Ted Cruz had the most votes in the county, followed by Donald Trump. Trump took the most delegates with him from the Commonwealth's total. 


Super Tuesday Preview and Predictions and Kentucky Caucus

We talk with Sarah Cameron, who is volunteering to help organize the Campbell County Caucus in Kentucky on Saturday, March 5. Everything you need to know. 

Then we spend some time with Strategic Advisers', Pat Crowley, discussing the political climate. Who does he think makes it out of the GOP and Democratic primaries? 
What will happen on Super Tuesday? 


Bourbon’s Rise And The Bourbon Review’s Review

Guest: Seth Thompson, Co-Publisher of The Bourbon Review. 

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Website: GoBourbon.com

Discussed: The Bourbon Classic. Information here. 
Why has the bourbon trend exploded?
Are people crazy for camping out for bourbon?
What's the NKY bourbon scene like?
Is there a proper way to taste it?
What's with the bourbon heists?
What's the best route to take on the bourbon trail from NKY?
What's on your bourbon "bucket list?"
What's the best "bang for your buck" bourbon?


One Way To Beat the Heroin Scourge


Guest: Anita Prater, Director Brighton Recovery Center for Women
- What's causing the heroin epidemic to explode?
- How does Brighton Recovery Center's program differ from other programs?
- What's the demographics of the residents?
- Have trends changed since the inception of the center?
- What are her biggest frustrations? 
Brighton Center Contact Info: 859-491-8303. 


Chuck Keller on: What Makes Highlands Different, Fort Thomas and Life

We talk to long-time Highlands teacher, Chuck Keller. Chuck talks about:

- What makes Highlands different. 
- The Facebook culture leading to negative thoughts. 
- The "stupid wall." 
- Lots of other anecdotes that will make you feel better about your place in the world. 


Matt Teaford (R) on His Race Against Dennis Keene (D)

Matt Teaford will challenge 4-time incumbent, Dennis Keene for District 67 Kentucky House of Representatives. Will the republican wave taking over the Commonwealth affect this historically democratically-controlled district?
Teaford talks about his chances. 

District 67 is entirely based in Campbell County, Kentucky, comprising the cities of Dayton, Bellevue, Newport, Wilder, Southgate, Woodlawn, and a portion of Highland Heights.



Fort Thomas Matters Year in Review

Mark Collier and Darrin Murriner discuss the top stories from Fort Thomas and Northern Kentucky in 2015. 

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Making a Murderer Interview with Angenette Levy (Local 12 - WKRC Cincinnati)

He served 18 years for a crime he didn't commit. Now he's on the line again, and some want to see him put away for good. 

FTM Radio's Mark Collier interviews Local 12's Angenette Levy about her first-hand experience covering the Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey for her then-affiliate WFRV-TV Green Bay. 
You've heard from prosecutors and defense attorneys after the trial, now hear from an unbiased third party covering the trial first-hand. Did the filmmakers get it right? Was crucial evidence left out? Were certain "conspiracy themes" a big deal or trumped up for the sake of theatre. 
Angenette has the answers. 
Connect with Angenette Levy on Facebook or Twitter at @Angenette5. 
SPOILER ALERT. If you've not watched the documentary and wish to do so, download this episode and save it for later. 
0:00-13:50 - Introduction and summary of the series by Mark Collier
13:50 - 50:00 - Interview with Angenette Levy. 
SPONSORED BY OMEGA Processing and City BBQ Highland Heights. 


Sam Shelton: 18-Year Old Candidate for Fort Thomas City Council

Interview conducted 12-30-15. 

Original FTM article: 

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Gangster's Dueling Piano Bar 

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