General Assembly 2018 Recap: Wil Schroder, Brent Cooper, Karen Cheser, Jay Brewer


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Sen. Wil Schroder: What was the toughest part of this General Assembly for you? 

Mr. Brent Cooper: Have you heard from the businesses who will now be charged sales tax on their services? 

Dr. Karen Cheser: What were you most frustrated with during this session?  

Mr. Jay Brewer: Do you think lawmakers listened to public school advocates? 


Mark Collier (Living Media, Inc. & Fort Thomas Matters) talks with four people smack dab in the middle of the General Assembly process this year. 



Sen. Wil Schroder (R-Wilder)

Brent Cooper, CEO/President Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 

Dr. Karen Cheser, Superintendent, Fort Thomas Independent Schools 

Jay Brewer, Superindendent, Dayton Independent Schools 

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