Gov. Matt Bevin Joins Fort Thomas Matters


(21:39). Gov. Matt Bevin joins Mark Collier of Fort Thomas Matters to talk about his first year in office and what's next for Kentucky. 

(1) He underwent a transition last year. Has he talked to President-elect Trump about his transition?

(2) He talks about the final budget and any key pieces of legislation that came out of the first session as governor.

(3) He talks about the feedback in the business community on the Red Tape Reduction initiative.

(4) Healthcare:

(a) Why he decided to transition from Kynect to

(b) He talks about Medicaid expansion.

(c) With the election of Donald Trump, he talks about what he thinks will happen with the Medicaid expansion waiver specifically and Obamacare nationally?

(5) Some have been critical of you on education for making Public Universities subject to similar budget cuts as your executive agencies to help shore up the pensions. He talks about how he responds to those criticisms.

(6) He discusses what northern Kentucky means to a Matt Bevin administration.



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