The Slow Death of the Cincinnati Enquirer


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We talk with former Enquirer reporter, Ben Liebing, about his article published on Medium entitled, "The Slow Death of the Cincinnati Enquirer," which detailed his perceptions of what was wrong with Cincinnati's oldest media outlet. 
Ben had some "hot takes" about his time there and pulled back the curtain in meetings and the newsroom at the Enquirer during his time there. 
An excerpt:
The Cincinnati Enquirer may be on its last death kicks. Yesterday was a dark one for the paper, as Gannett, its parent company, announced wide layoffs. And while it saddens me that people should lose their jobs, or that a once great newspaper should ever be reduced to the likes of USA Today — perhaps it’s worth asking the question journalists are supposed to start with:


I have an answer. Some of you will like it. My former colleagues at The Enquirer will not.

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