In Search of Glory: Talking To a Troll

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In this episode, we talk to someone who was thought to have been one who started these fake profiles. 

Who is Tina Glory? If you're from Fort Thomas and you're on Facebook, you've certainly come across her. She's a mystery to many, but why is she causing such a stir?

FTM Radio starts this short podcast series to get to the bottom of it.

In search of Glory.



In Search of Glory: Catfishing in Fort Thomas

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Who is Tina Glory? If you're from Fort Thomas and you're on Facebook, you've certainly come across her. She's a mystery to many, but why is she causing such a stir?

FTM Radio starts this short podcast series to get to the bottom of it. 

In search of Glory. 



Handicapping The Kentucky Derby

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CBH Racing's Corbin Blumberg is back to handicap the Kentucky Derby for FTM Radio. Blumberg gave listeners last year a winner that went off at 6-1 for his best pick of the day. 

This year, he's armed with working close to one of the Derby favorites. Listen to his picks, including his top three horses in this year's field, his dark horse pick and long shot pick. 




How To Cut The Cord On Your Cable Bill

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Tyler Menke and Michael Kaser started Bill Busters over a conversation in a living room about their rising cost of their cable bills.

"We used to pay around $100 a month, and then $200 a month and towards the end it was over $200 a month," said Menke. "I cut the cord first when I found out we could still watch the Reds on Playstation Vue's and also keep all the channels we loved for half the price."

They two neighbors started negotiating their rates and soon found out that when armed with the correct information, getting the best deal was easy. 

This podcast explores the tips for cutting the cord yourself: how to do it, what to buy and where to buy it. 

"We found out that you need good competitive info, and direct local contacts to get the best deal," said Menke.  

They decided to build a web platform that would do just that. Soon they uncovered 295 combinations of options internet, cable and streaming services in Greater Cincinnati. Their matching algorithm tells you which package is best for your needs and then arms you with that information and price so you can call the company and renegotiate yourself. 

If that sounds like too much work, you can have one of their expert negotiators do if for you. If they save you money, they keep the first month's savings and you save for the rest of the year.

You can sign up on their website billbusters.co



Will Chambers (ESPN Dallas) Elite Eight Edition

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Will Chambers of ESPN Dallas talks about his relationship with Jim Nantz over the years and breaks down what's left of the brackets. 

Including his picks for the Final Four. 



Gene Kirchner, Superintendent of Fort Thomas Schools

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Superintendent of Fort Thomas Schools, Gene Kirchner, has announced his retirement. In this exclusive interview with Fort Thomas Matters Radio, Kirchner tells Mark Collier why and what's next. 

The Charter School bill, HB 520, from the last General Assembly is also discussed. 

"We’re talking about kids here. We’re not producing widgets. These are children."




Campbell County GOP Reorganizes Leadership

The Campbell County Republican Party met on Saturday, March 11 at Northern Kentucky University to select their next leadership board. 

There has been a rift growing between two different groups within the party. 

Fort Thomas Matters was in attendance and talked with stakeholders and those who ran the meeting. 

FTM Radio provides background on the meeting and what led up to it, then interviews start after the meeting was held. 

22:07 - JR Roth, Campbell County Tea Party 
23:30 - Steve Pendery, Campbell County Judge Executive 
25:30 - Troy Sheldon, 4th District GOP Chairman
26:23 - Sarah Cameron, Newly elected Campbell County GOP Chairman



The Bachelor & Bourbon, Episode 4

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This episode started off with Corrine and Taylor in cat fight. 

The firls then headed to New Orleans where the first one on one date started with Rachel. The next day a group date, where the firls met Nick at a haunted plantation house. 

See who was sent home. Corrine? Taylor?



The Bachelor & Bourbon, Episode 3

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Jessica and Kevin Duke recap episode 4 of The Bachelor.

The episode starts out with a rose ceremony which results in sending two girls home. We continue into the show traveling to Nick's hometown Milwaukee Wisconsin. It starts off with the first one on one date with Danielle L. It then jumps into a group date where the 13 girls on the date learn a little about farm chores. We of course still have our drama with Corrine through out the show. It moves onto another one on one with Raven. They have what most people would call a very normal first one on one date. Soccer games and rollerblades are involved. The show ends with a cocktail party but no rose ceremony and all of us wondering if Corrine or Taylor is smarter.




The Bachelor & Bourbon, Episode 2

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This episode started off with a rose ceremony and with lots of attention on Corrine. From whip cream to her sleeping through the ceremonly, all hot topics during the beginning of this episode. 

The first group date was a dance rehearsal with The Backstreet Boys to perform and win over best dancer for Nick. 

The one on one date this episode was with Vanessa. The date ended in a rose despite her getting sick during the zero gravity flight. 

The last group date consisted of three Olympians rallying the girls to do funny Olympian games to win over Nick. It ended with a pool party instead of a cocktail party where we were left with a cliffhanger once again to who was going to go home. 

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