Gene Kirchner, Superintendent of Fort Thomas Schools

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Superintendent of Fort Thomas Schools, Gene Kirchner, has announced his retirement. In this exclusive interview with Fort Thomas Matters Radio, Kirchner tells Mark Collier why and what's next. 

The Charter School bill, HB 520, from the last General Assembly is also discussed. 

"We’re talking about kids here. We’re not producing widgets. These are children."



Campbell County GOP Reorganizes Leadership

The Campbell County Republican Party met on Saturday, March 11 at Northern Kentucky University to select their next leadership board. 

There has been a rift growing between two different groups within the party. 

Fort Thomas Matters was in attendance and talked with stakeholders and those who ran the meeting. 

FTM Radio provides background on the meeting and what led up to it, then interviews start after the meeting was held. 

22:07 - JR Roth, Campbell County Tea Party 
23:30 - Steve Pendery, Campbell County Judge Executive 
25:30 - Troy Sheldon, 4th District GOP Chairman
26:23 - Sarah Cameron, Newly elected Campbell County GOP Chairman


The Bachelor & Bourbon, Episode 4

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This episode started off with Corrine and Taylor in cat fight. 

The firls then headed to New Orleans where the first one on one date started with Rachel. The next day a group date, where the firls met Nick at a haunted plantation house. 

See who was sent home. Corrine? Taylor?


The Bachelor & Bourbon, Episode 3

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Jessica and Kevin Duke recap episode 4 of The Bachelor.

The episode starts out with a rose ceremony which results in sending two girls home. We continue into the show traveling to Nick's hometown Milwaukee Wisconsin. It starts off with the first one on one date with Danielle L. It then jumps into a group date where the 13 girls on the date learn a little about farm chores. We of course still have our drama with Corrine through out the show. It moves onto another one on one with Raven. They have what most people would call a very normal first one on one date. Soccer games and rollerblades are involved. The show ends with a cocktail party but no rose ceremony and all of us wondering if Corrine or Taylor is smarter.



The Bachelor & Bourbon, Episode 2

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This episode started off with a rose ceremony and with lots of attention on Corrine. From whip cream to her sleeping through the ceremonly, all hot topics during the beginning of this episode. 

The first group date was a dance rehearsal with The Backstreet Boys to perform and win over best dancer for Nick. 

The one on one date this episode was with Vanessa. The date ended in a rose despite her getting sick during the zero gravity flight. 

The last group date consisted of three Olympians rallying the girls to do funny Olympian games to win over Nick. It ended with a pool party instead of a cocktail party where we were left with a cliffhanger once again to who was going to go home. 

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Sen. Wil Schroder Reviews The First Kentucky General Assembly Session

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Recorded on Jan. 11, 2017. 

Topics discussed:

· Senate Bill 3 will expand openness in government by making information about the retirement benefits state lawmakers open to viewing by the public.

· Senate Bill 5 will prohibit a woman from having an abortion if she is 20 weeks or more into a pregnancy.

· Senate Bill 6 will prevent employees from being enrolled in labor organizations or having money withheld from their earnings for union dues unless they give permission in writing.

· Senate Bill 12 will reorganize the University of Louisville board of trustees by establishing a new, 10-member board.

· House Bill 1 will make Kentucky a right-to-work state. Under this measure, membership in a labor union would optional instead of mandatory for workers at unionized workplaces.

· House Bill 2 will require a woman seeking an abortion to first undergo an obstetric ultrasound and receive a medical explanation of what that ultrasound shows. Women could decline to see the ultrasound images if they choose.

· House Bill 3 will repeal the state’s prevailing wage law. That action will remove a guaranteed base wage to construction workers on certain public works projects.

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Bachelor & Bourbon

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Fort Thomas Matters' Jessica Duke is joined by her husband, Kevin, to discuss their feelings about Nick, Corinne's villain status, Liz's epic departure, her TV wedding to Tanner and Danielle's tragic confession. 

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FTM 2016 Year in Review:

Our biggest stories (and untold stories) ranked. 




Follow Your Dream Job Until The Bitter End: A Success Story

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We check in with Will Chambers, who FTM has followed since the inception on the website. We follow him through a contest to put him in the Reds play by play booth, eating contests, breaks, falls and what led him to breaking down and crying in his car. 

"If I stayed in kentucky, my career was going to die."

RELATED: Will Chambers: The Decision (July 2010). 


Gov. Matt Bevin Joins Fort Thomas Matters

(21:39). Gov. Matt Bevin joins Mark Collier of Fort Thomas Matters to talk about his first year in office and what's next for Kentucky. 

(1) He underwent a transition last year. Has he talked to President-elect Trump about his transition?

(2) He talks about the final budget and any key pieces of legislation that came out of the first session as governor.

(3) He talks about the feedback in the business community on the Red Tape Reduction initiative.

(4) Healthcare:

(a) Why he decided to transition from Kynect to healthcare.gov

(b) He talks about Medicaid expansion.

(c) With the election of Donald Trump, he talks about what he thinks will happen with the Medicaid expansion waiver specifically and Obamacare nationally?

(5) Some have been critical of you on education for making Public Universities subject to similar budget cuts as your executive agencies to help shore up the pensions. He talks about how he responds to those criticisms.

(6) He discusses what northern Kentucky means to a Matt Bevin administration.



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